Who We Are

We are a creative software development company. And it is also a new real estate development company.

I found that the past 20 years of experience in making software that I couldn’t get my hands on is very helpful in creating real estate that I can see.

From software development to new real estate development… And Metaverse, too.

We are exciting developers.

Our Values

- Vision: Let's benefit the world widely.
- Goal: I'll make something that didn't exist in the world and find what I believed was not there.
- Value: I will use the spirit of Hongik human beings as the value of corporate existence.

Sukjung Yoon

ABOUT THE customers

The Customers

The customers we have worked the most in recent years were Samsung Electronics and the National Assembly. We have operated the system here, derived and developed improvements.

Of course, it was conducted in cooperation with various companies, which helped to have a wide perspective not only on short-term projects but also on long-term system operations.

Now we are confident in whatever we do in the system life cycle.